Got your training down but need help dialing in the nutrition part?


Now ONLY $379

Ghost Runners LEVEL UP program is an 8-week program designed for athletes of ALL levels who are ready to dial in their nutrition, make body composition changes, and increase performance at the gym or on a race course.

You will have 8 weeks to work on your nutrition so that you can TRIM DOWN, GET LEAN AND MEAN or become an ultimate BEAST. Complete every assignment on your plan, and the changes will help you push harder and deliver amazing results (and your selfie game will be on point).
  • Get rid of Covid weight
  • Learn the most efficient, simple way to keep accurate record of your food so that you ALWAYS know what goes in
  • ​Learn nerdy stuff about various supplements, why most of them are stardust and how to pick supplements that will help you get results
  • ​Get confident to work out without your shirt on
  • ​Improve your body composition so that people start asking you what YOUR secret to looking sexy is
  • ​Be part of a virtual community of athletes with badass goals and unstoppable mindset
  • ​Expert advice for athletes by Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutritionist Coach Vera
  • ​Turn any day into an EASY DAY
  • ​Eat carbs, murder your workouts and kick ass on a daily basis #BeastLIfe


Price: $379.00

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